Which has more momentum, a speeding baseball or an ocean liner at rest in a harbor?

Ocean liner.
Both the same.
Can't say without more information.

2 . A truck moves with a certain momentum. If both its speed and its mass are doubled, how much greater is its momentum?
Two times.
Four times.
Eight times.
Unchanged, the same.

3 . If a fast-moving object strikes you, you'll experience less force of impact if you can
shorten the time the momentum decreases.
increase the time the momentum decreases.
either shorten or increase the time, for the result is the same.

4 . If your speeding car slams into a haystack and comes to rest, how will the IMPULSE that acts on it compare with slamming into a brick wall and coming to rest?
The impulse will be more.
The impulse will be less.
The amount of impulse will be the same either way.

5 . A fast-moving massive car has a head-on collision with a slow-moving light car. Upon which is the impulse greater?
The massive car.
The light car.
Impulse is the same on both.
More information is needed to correctly answer this.

6 . A cannon with a long barrel fires a shell faster because the shell experiences a greater
change in inertia.
None of these.

7 . If superman in space throws a boulder with 10 times as much mass as himself, and the boulder leaves his hands at 100 km/h, how fast does superman recoil?
The same speed, 100 km/h.
10 km/h.
1000 km/h.
None of these are correct.

8 . Two identical gliders slide toward each other on an air track. One moves at 2 m/s and the other at 1 m/s. If they stick together, the combination slides at
0.5 m/s.
1 m/s.
1.5 m/s
2 m/s
2.5 m/s.

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