4. Script for orienting new employees

o You may use the following opening sentence to start your script: “We, in HR, feel that it is important to address some sensitive issues during your early employment with our company.”
o Create a script that can be used to open up an orientation workshop/class. Be sure to address the issues listed below and clearly state why such discussion is the responsibility of the HR department. Within the script, include the benefits of addressing these issues during the orientation period and the potential pitfalls and challenges that could occur if this step of the orientation was skipped.
o Identify one more sensitive legal issue that should be addressed by the HR department during employee orientation:

• Privacy
• Sexual Harassment
• Immigration

can i get better understanding please?

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  1. You're supposed to prepare a script (speech) for new employees. You need to talk about privacy, sexual harassment, and immigration. Explain how these issues are important to your the company.

  2. ok thank you i am doing it on an elementary school teacher

  3. u think i could find stuff on that if i look up the code of conduct?

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