I need some help with net ionic equations. I can do single replacement, double replacement, etc., but I don't get stuff like gas forming-reactions or the trends when stuff like a strong acid and water are the reactants.


1. Moist sodium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide gas.

2. Rubidium permanganate is added to solid silver iodide.

Help please? Thank you!

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  1. I'm not sure of your general question. For the two questions posted, however,
    1. NaOH(moist aq) + CO2 ==> Na2CO3 is a synthesis reaction.
    2. RbMnO4 + AgI ==> is a redox reaction. I would expect the MnO4^- to oxidize I^- to I2 and MnO4^- to be reduced. In the dry state, however, I don't think any reaction will take place; i.e., the redox reaction will only occur in aq solution.

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