f(x) = [3/x^2] - [5/x^7], F(x) is the antiderivative of f(x) with F(1)=0.

F(x) = ?

I have no idea how to approach this problem. The fractions are scaring me.

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  1. This is really pretty simple, I can't imagine how you are stuck.

    INTf(x)= INT 3x^-2 dx -INT (5x^-7)dx
    = -3x^-1 +5/6 x^-6 +C
    F(1)=0 = -3+5/6+C=1
    solve for C.
    F(x) = -3x^-1 +5/6 x^-6 check my work, it is easy to make a typo

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