4. The term 'point of view' refers to the way the writer has chosen to

a. create conflict
b. present dialogue
c. express an opinion
d. tell a story
B or D...

7. The theme of a story
a. announces the topic in one or two words
b. is stated directly in the story
c. provides entertainment only
d. makes some revelation about the subject
I'm really stuck on this one. not sure between A or D

8. The theme often reveals
a. a character's motives
b. hints about a story's outcome
c. a truh about human behavior
d. the strength of a story's plot

9. In "Marigolds", the emotion Lizabeth feels when she hears her father cry is
a. fear
b. embarrasment
c. anger
d. guilt
I think it's C since after that she destroy's the marigolds, but it might be A too...


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  1. 4. Point of view probably is best reflected in who is telling (B), but D is a nice diversion.
    5. The theme of Snow White is that true love conquers all evil. The theme of MacBeth is murder and vengence. You're correct on 8, and on 7...
    9. She has both fear and anger, but at the time he cries, probably fear dominates. This one could be argued both ways, and I think the author intended it to be fear and anger. So make your choice.

  2. Thank you

  3. For 7 I'm going to go with D...and I'm still not sure about 4

  4. I think 4 is D. Not all stories have dialogue, but all stories have point of view.

    7D is correct.

  5. And C is a better answer for 8.

  6. Thanks

  7. YW!!


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