The equation y=-1777x+27,152 can be used to predict the number of y of gun deaths in the U.S. x years after 2000, that is x=0 corresponds to 2000, x=3 corresponds to 2003, x=4 corresponds to 2004 and so on. Predict the number of gun deaths in 2004 and 2007. In what year will the number of gun deaths be 12,937?


graph the equation using the slope and the y-intercept. Y=5/3x+7

In 1994, the life expectancy of males in a certain country was 65.7 years. In 2000, it was 69.0 years. Let E represent the life expectancy in year t and let t represent the number of years since 1994.

Trains A and B are traveling the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A is traveling at 100 mph and train B is traveling 110 mph. Train A passes a station at 6:10 A.M. If train B passes the same station at 6:40 A.M. at what time will train B catch up with Train A?

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