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John loads a collapsed inflatable boat into a two wheel "grocery type" handcart and wheels it down to the lake. While the cart is being wheeled it is tipped at about a 45-degree angle (in other words, about halfway between horizontal and vertical). John finds this tiring because he has to pull fairly hard to move the cart. After hearing a friends suggestion, he tries an experiement. He uses an eight-foot long board to lengthen the underside of the cart. (the side of the cart that faces downward while the cart is tipped and being pulled along). The end of the board serves as a new extended handle for his cart. Now when he goes to pull his longer cart, he is pulling the cart at a 20-degree angle (much closer to the ground than before. What will happen?

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  1. The cart will beeasier to pull, in spite of the weight of the board, because now the angle of the pull is much closer to the angle of movement.

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