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I have a couple of questions I need with. I asked this question yesterday-and although I received a reply- I never received conformation.

1.Is this an example of underextension
or overextension?

Davis went to the park with his Dad
and their dog,Sport. Davis saw lots
of other dogs, pointed at them, and
said,"Sport." Was Davis showing
overextension or underextension?

Isn't this an example of underextension?

2. Ben used to say,"I growed up!"
Now he says, "I grew!"

Isn't this an example ofregularization?

Thanks for help, just need verification!

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4 answers
  1. I only was asked which I thought the answer to the first question was. Please help!

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  2. The first question is an example of overextension. Check this paragraph from the website linked below.

    Two characteristics of this stage are overextension and underextension. For example, the word hat can mean just about anything that can be put on your head, a “goggie” applies to just about any animal, and “dada” (much to the embarrassment of moms everywhere) pretty much means any man whatsoever. On the other hand, sometimes kids engage in underextension, meaning that they use a general word to mean one very specific thing. For example, “baba” may mean MY bottle and my bottle only, and “soozies” may mean MY shoes and no one else’s.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. Ms Sue, according to my text:

    "Underextension refers to the child's
    tendency to call all male adults
    "daddy" or all dogs by the family
    dog's name, even though the child
    can clearly recognize the difference
    between his dad and all other males and his dog and other dogs."

    "Younger preschoolers commonly call all
    four-footed furry animals"dog" and all
    large animals "horse." This reflects
    overextension,in which the child has
    overextended and made a logical conclusion because these animals have many of the same features,can be about
    the same size,and therefore fit the
    exsisting word."

    So, wouldn't the question be an example of "underextension?"

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  4. Please give input on these 2 words--
    Iam confused.

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