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8 divided by 3 plus 6=

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8 divided by 3 plus 6=
(8/3) + 6 = 2(2/3) + 6 or
8/3 + 18/3 = ??/3

I don't understand how to describe pairs of related variables what's the difference between dependent & independent variables

I'm not what class your question is arising from. If this is a math question then the independent variable is the one the one who's change is being observed. The dependent variable is calculated from the independent variable. If e.g. you look at the equation for a line, the x coordinate is usually the one we're thinking of as the independent variable and the y coordinate is the dependent variable.
If you question is coming from a natural or behavorial science course then different terminology and explanations might apply.

your dependent is the y value and the independet is the x value


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