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elements x and y are from group 7 in the periodic table. x is a liquid at rtp, while y is a solid at rtp. which statements are correct?

1) atoms of y have more protons than atoms of x
2) molecules of y have more atoms than molecules of x
3) y displaces x from aqueous solutions of x ions.

i know that 3 is definitely wrong. And since all the elements in group 7 are fluorine, chlorine, bromine etc etc, and their molecules are Cl2, Br2, F2 etc, so option 2 is also wrong, because their molecules should all have 2 atoms right? So i think the statement that is correct is only 1. But, then correct answer is 2! I don't understand! Please help!

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1 answer
  1. I agree that statement 1 is correct and the other two are not true.

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