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An object of mass m1= 203 g is on an inclined surface, that is increasing. The angle of the inclined surface is θ = 40o with the horizontal. The object m1 is connected to a second object of mass m2 = 598 g on the adjacent horizontal surface via a pulley at the base of the incline. Further, an external force of magnitude ІFextІ = 3.3 N is exerted on the object of mass m1 trying to pull the m1 over the surface of the incline. We observe both objects to accelerate. Assuming that the surfaces and the pulley are frictionless, and the pulley and the connecting string are massless, what is the tension in the string connecting the two objects?

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  1. Well, the net accelerating force is the external force-force of gravity down the plane.

    The force down the plane is M2*g*sinTheta.

    Net force=totalmass*a
    a=Netforce/total mass

    tension= a*m2

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