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Is the given number a solution of the equation or the inequality?



I think it is the inequality.

Try substituting 3 for y and see what you get.
4*3-7=3*3-4 or 12-7=9-4
Is this a valid equality?
Alternative solution: solve for y
4y-7=3y-4 so
y=3 thus 3 is a solution for the equation.

yes! cuz 4(3)=12-7=5, so 3(3)=9-4=5 so they're both equal see im smart!!!

2 friends are 60 miles apart. They decide to thier bicycles to meet each other. Sally starts from the college and heads east, riding at a rate of 21 mph. At the same time Teresa starts from the river and heads west, riding at a rate of 15 mph. How far does each cyclist ride in t hours? When the cyclists meet, what must be true about the distances they have ridden? Write and solve an equation to find when they meet.

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