what is difference between chinese marriage customs and Indian marriage customs, thanks.

Here are a couple of very informative sites:


Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. This is such an interesting study! You might find the following sites useful:

1. http://www.worldweddingtraditions.com/locations/asian_traditions/chinese_traditions.html

2. http://www.worldweddingtraditions.com/locations/asian_traditions/indian_traditions.html

3. http://www.indianslivingabroad.com/matrimonial/marriage-customs.asp

4. http://www.vpl.ca/branches/LibrarySquare/soc/guides/asian_weddings.html (there is also a video on this site)

5. http://www.surfindia.com/matrimonials/chinese-wedding.html

What are the two leading countries in the world today and why?

To understand the difference between Chinese and Indian marriage customs, you can start by reading about them on various informative websites. Here are a few websites that provide detailed information on both Chinese and Indian marriage customs:

1. Weddings.iloveindia.com: This website provides features on different marriage rituals and customs followed in Indian weddings. You can explore this site to learn about various traditions, such as pre-wedding rituals, the role of families, the exchange of vows, and post-wedding rituals.

2. Chinabridal.com: This website focuses on Chinese wedding customs. You can find information about traditional Chinese wedding etiquette, customs, and ceremonies, including pre-wedding rituals, the wedding ceremony itself, and post-wedding celebrations.

3. Worldweddingtraditions.com: This site offers a comprehensive guide to wedding traditions and customs around the world, including Asian traditions. The specific pages on Chinese traditions and Indian traditions will provide you with details about the unique customs followed during weddings in both cultures.

4. Indianslivingabroad.com: This website specifically focuses on Indian marriage customs followed by Indians living abroad. You can explore this site to gain insights into the various Hindu marriage customs, rituals, and traditions.

5. Surfindia.com: This website provides information specifically about Chinese weddings. You can learn about different aspects of a Chinese wedding, including traditional ceremonies, customs, and the significance of various rituals.

By visiting these websites, you will find in-depth information on the specific customs and traditions followed in both Chinese and Indian weddings. Reading about these customs will help you understand the differences between the two cultures' approaches to marriage.