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Julie Fleming owns 903/4 acres of land in Arizona. She sells one-third of the land and deeds 1/4 of the reminder to her son. How many acres of land does she have left?

Is that 90 3/4 (ninety and three-quarters) acres? If so then 90 3/4 = 363/4 Thus
(1/3)363/4 = 121/4 which means 242/4 or 60.5 acres are left, If she deeds 1/4 of that she has (3/4)(242/4) left.
Be sure to check my arithmetic and let me know if I read it correctly.

Is my answer 60.5?

No, that's the amount left after she deeds 1/3. You want to multiply 60.5 by 3/4 because she deeds 1/4 of the 60.5.

Thanks a lot for your help. I understand how to do this now.

i need help with my math home work

ummm.... what kind of homework? what do u need help with???

I need help with the

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