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Yes, that is correct. I am currently taking BUS and CJ courses, but on the 1st of January, my focus will be entirely to CJ.

Can someone proofread this sentence for me?

I'm not sure I understand the question. If the sentence is to be proofed, I don't know what I am using for a comparison. However, if that is the sentence, I would spell out BUS and CJ and I would clarify 1st of Jan to January 1, 2007. In general, we spell the first time (and place initials in parenthese)as BUS (business) and CJ (criminal justice). Afterwards we can use the initials only. However, in such a short sentence, I would write both out through out the text. I hope this helps.

I think you could skip the comma after January too. You might also change the phrase to "...beginning January 1st". I don't know if "on the 1st of January" is correct. I'm not sure if we'd say "my focus will be entirely to CJ", but I'm not sure what the phrase should be changed to. Do you mean that beginning Jan. 1st your schedule will consist of CJ courses only? Just my observations here.
If Writeteacher or MsSue comments on this however, I'd use their input on the subject.

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