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what is the chemical eqzn of

Na2CO3 + HClO4?

Na2CO3 + HClO4 ==> NaClO4 + H2O + CO2
I will leave it for you to balance.

how did you get that DrBob

The rule on carbonates is: An acid added to a carbonate yields carbon dioxide, water, and a salt.

oooh so you had to know that to solve it? you cant get it from just lookin at an equation?

No problem, thanks

Yes, you can write it in two steps.
Na2CO3 + HClO4 ==> NaClO4 + H2CO3 so this is a double displacement reaction. THEN, you must recognize that H2CO3 is a weak acid and decomposes as
H2CO3 ==> H2O + CO2. Another way is to know that bubbling CO2 into water produces H2CO3 but the solubility of CO2 in water is relatively low and H2CO3 is unstable.

oh wow i TOTALLY forgot that chemical reaction type. THANK YOU!!

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1 answer
  1. Na2CO3+2HClO4-2NaClO4+H2O+2CO2

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