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Why is the recommendation to eat more bread cereals and potatoes so significant to the health of the nation?

I think the recommendation is to eat well balanced meals and to eat in modearation. The idea of more bread, cereals, and potatoes, I think, is that we need to eat more of those items INSTEAD of so much fried foods (especially fast food items such as french fries, fatty hamburgers, tacos, and that sort of thing) and couple that with fruits and vegetables. I'm no expert on nutrition but I keep my fat intake as low as I can and that helps control weight. There are 9 calories in a gram of fat but only 4 calories in a gram of carbohydrate (pasta, cereal, potatoes, fruit) and 4 calories in a gram of protein (meats, cheese, fat-free milk). The bottom line is that I can eat MORE if I restrict fat because the calories add up slower. By the way, we all talk about calories but when we say something contains so many calories, we actually mean kilocalories. I hope this helps.

As to the significance of health to the nation, I believe the idea is that high caloric intake and large portion sizes coupled with snacks, either in additiion to or in place of regular meals, leads to weight gain. In general, overweight men, women, and children suffer from high blood pressure, high blood sugar (diabetes), and various other diseases of the body than do those individuals who eat well balanced meals in moderation.

Raclette,creme brullee and cheese are french.

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