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You are writing a paragraph on how to make your favorite sandwich. You have a list of the steps beside you, and you write down the steps in sentences, without stopping to check your work. Finally you've written all the steps into sentences, and you put your pen down. Which step of the writing process have you just completed?

a. clustering your ideas
b. outlining the paragraph
c.writing the first draft
d. presenting the final version

It appears you are posting test questions here to get them answered. Most folks here are not inclined to do that, but do offer advice and critiqes.
What is your thinking on the question? Why?

The writing process:


This is a question that expects you to think a bit. You also need to know what all the words mean. Do you know "cluster," "outlining," and "version?" Once you know the meanings, you ask yourself, "Which do I do first?"

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