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Why is motor oil a homogeneous mixture?

Consider removing a spoonful of oil from a freshly opened can. Now remove another spoonful. Both will contain the same thing. That is homogeneous. A chocolate chip cookie, for example, is not homogeneous because we can break off a piece of cookie and eat it and break out a chocolate chip and eat that. Both bites were not the same. Oil is a mixture, as I said in the first post, because it contains additives to make the oil lubricate better and hold up under unideal conditions. Many years ago barium salts were added to some oils but I don't think that was industry wide. Each manufacturer used different additives and in different amounts. I'm sure they did not tell the competetion what they were adding. All of these remarks pertain to regular motor oil. I am not familiar with synthetic motor oil but I suspect additives are in that, also.

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  1. Yah what he said ^^

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