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last question,

part1: a) show how a total product curve for an input can be derived from an isoquant map.

b) why does the previous question specify "a" total product curve rather than "the" product curve ?

c) given that the appropriate total product curve has been derived, a manager decides to refuse to hire more workers on the grounds that deminishing marginal returns set in. what is wrong with this reasoning ?

PART 2: a) using isoquant and isocost analysis demonstrate that not all technically efficient factor combinations are least cost factor combinations.

b) how does the least cost series of factor combinations relate to the long run total cost and averager cost curves of a firm ?

c) will a firm wish to produce at the minimum point of the long run average cost curve ?

thanx in advance esp to economyst

Ok, now you are getting problems that are best answered with a graph; which is very difficult here on Jiskha.

Also, the help volunteers are generally here to help guide students with their various homework problems. So, take a shot. I or others will try to critique your answers.

That said, part 1 a)
Draw a series of isoquant curves. Each curve represents a combination of two inputs that produce the SAME level of output. Draw a vertical line (or horizontal line -- your choice) and lable the points. That is hold one factor fixed and increase the other. The intersection points represent higher levels of production, and could be translated into a total product curve.
If you do this right, the answere to b) is obvious.
For c) note that diminishing MARGINAL returns almost always starts right away, beginning with the second factor input.

Part 2 a) what is the difference between technically efficient and economically efficient? Answering this should lead you to the answer you seek.
b) Plotting the economically efficient isocost/isoquant combination shows the lowest cost combinations at each level of production. These points could be transfered to another graph showing total and average cost at each level of production.
c) always always always, MC=MR

why would a firm wish to have knowledge concerning the income elasticity of demand for its product?

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I want to ask about part2 (c). Are u sure it is about MC=MR? The question is about long-run not a short run and MC=MR profit maximization only applies to short run right? So, shouldn't the answer be about economies and diseconomies of scale? Do correct me if I'm wrong.

Part 2 (c) In a long run, all firms are make normal profit, that's where MR=0, marginal return at the minimum. hope this will help.

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Why might changes in the difference between the market interest rates on a regular 10-year Treasure note and an inflation-protected 10-year Treasure note indicate a change in the anticipated rate of inflammation?

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  1. Link to Jiskha Homework Help

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  2. its actually bba103..not econ 111..but ur close:-P

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