An unknown was prepared with the concentration of 0.000630 M. A Beer's Law plot was prepared using the absorbance values from standard solutions of ASA and a line drawn through all the points passed through the origin with a slope of 1550.2 M–1 . The expected absorbance and %T values for the diluted aspirin solution prepared by the student is _______ and __________, respectively.

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  1. I worked this about an two hours ago. Perhaps for another student.
    Normally, the concn curves for spectrophotometric work is done by plotting A (absorbance) on the Y axis and c (concn) on the x axis.
    Since you have a straight line, the equation for a straight line is
    y = mx + b where m is the slope and b is the y intercept. Since the line passes through the origin, b=0 and the equation becomes y = mx
    Changing to the way graphs are made, this beomes A = m*c. The slope in the problem (m) is 1550.2; therefore, the equation becomes
    You have c, calculate A(bsorbance). For transmittance, remember that A = log (1/T) or if you want it in %T directly it is A = log (100/%T)

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