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The math problem is...........

3n to the 2nd power
when n=3

what do I do first if nothing is in parenthesis?
Do I multiply 3n or do n to the 2nd power first?

square n, then multiply it by three.

That's a good question Nikki.
We would read (3n)^2 as quantity 3n to the 2nd.
We would read 3n^2 as 3 times n squared or 3 times n to the 2nd.
The statement, "3n to the 2nd power " is ambiguous here.
If the statement means 3n^2 then you would evaluate the n^2 for n= 3, then multiply it by 3.
If the statement means (3n)^2 then you would evaluate 3n for n= 3 first, then square the result. You should see that the result is not the same, so it must be clear what is meant. Be sure to read the question and instructions carefully.


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