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Thursday, September 7, 2006 Gore ending by Fa’ttima Omran Grade nine English

“Eat of our food.”
It echoed endlessly, each time I heard them chanting … calling her. . .
“No!” “Lucas, help!”
I stooped, stunned, disbelieving every bitter bit of the words I sounded out. Requiring or even receiving aid from Lucas was as slim as the chances of him successful passing algebra.
“Take it… take it child, you are one of us; let us bestow you with one of our delicacies.” The figure’s face beamed against the hazed hallway hauntingly.
That’s it; he wouldn’t even open the blasted bathroom door, now I’m faced with the threshold of fatality to meander on.
Stop fighting it… they’ll just persist pressuring the unearthly substance down my dried throat.
“Yes, child . . . don’t enter a battle when you have no ammunition to defend yourself, you are weak, powerless, let us help up when everyone else has forsaken you.”
“Let us help… let us help…

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