Jordan and Missy are stnading together in the schoolyard. Jordan, who is 6 feet tall, casts a shadow that is 54 inches long. At the same time, Missy casts a shadow that is 45 inches lobg. How tall is missing?

1 38in
2 86.5in
3 5ft
4 5ft 6in.

plz help!!

2 answers

  1. you have 2 similar triangles, so use ratios

    6 feet/54 inches = h feet/45 inches

    54h feetinches = 270 feetinches
    h = 270/54
    = 5

    missy is 5 feet tall.

  2. Karen is 5 feet tall and her shadow measures 7 feet. A flag pole next to her casts a shadow of 28 feet. How tall is the flagpole in feet?

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