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Hi i'm taking a intro to technology class and we have this assignment where we take different types of computers and find information.

but i'm stuck. i need to find the speed of the motherboard for all of them. here's a list of them i have find for: 80386Dx, 80386SX, 80486DX, Pentium, Pentium Pro,...etc.

i have looked at sites but so far i have only found that processor speed = multiplier X motherboard.

I can find the processor speed for computer i need but still the motherboard speed result i come up with at the end is kind of weird.

For example: i know that the processor speed of 80386DX which is 16-33 Mhz. The multiplier is just 1.0. So the motherboard is 16-33 Mhz also but isn't the motherboard located in the CPU and doesn't it make sense they have more speed or am I wrong?

please help me

(Broken Link Removed)

motherboard bus speed is given for all.

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