Today, many organizations and managers face new challenges everyday. One critical aspect of the challenges that managers lack in is within the planning stage. You have been asked by your manager to conduct a preliminary search of recommending the two most common types of contemporary planning techniques addressed in the textbook. Using the business article collections in the Library and other credible sources, respond to the following questions regarding the two techniques:

Compare and contrast these two techniques, with particular emphasis on the implications of these techniques for the manager and the organization.
Which technique better aligns to your workplace? Why?
Explain why the technique that would not work within your workplace.
What steps would you recommend your manager to take to plan in his/her decision making?
Defend your viewpoint with business article collections.

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  1. Two comments.
    1) We have no idea what your text reference are, and what they say, and therefore have great difficulty suggesting to you a solution approach.
    2) I read the first two sentences in the assignment. If your college instructor wrote that, heaven help you get an education. You wont get much assistance if effective writing or thinking from that person. Those sentences surely were written by a much lessor educated person. They reflect poorly on the instructor. I was reading the sentences as an essay, and cringed as trite nonsense the wording, before I realized it was the instructor outlining his thinking what your assignment was. Perhaps English is a second language to him.

    Good luck.

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