What is the constant proportionality of the values in the table?

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Without a table or any context provided, it's impossible to determine the constant proportionality of the values. Please provide more information.

To determine the constant proportionality of values in a table, you need to find the relationship between the input (x) and output (y) values. Here are the steps to identify the constant proportionality:

1. Look for a pattern in the table: Examine how the x-values correspond to the y-values. Note any regularity or similarity in how they change.

2. Calculate the ratio: Take any two corresponding y-values (let's call them y1 and y2) and divide them by their corresponding x-values (x1 and x2). This ratio can be written as (y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1).

3. Simplify the ratio: If the ratio from step 2 is consistent for different pairs of corresponding values, simplify it further to see if it can be expressed as a single constant value or number.

4. Determine the constant proportionality: If you can simplify the ratio to a single number, that will be the constant proportionality. It represents how the values in the table are changing.

If you provide the specific table values, I can assist you further in finding the constant proportionality.