Business and finance. The following scores were recorded on a 200-point final examination:

193, 185, 163, 186, 192, 135, 158, 174, 188, 172, 168, 183, 195, 165, 183.
(a) Find the mean final examination score.
(b) Find the median final examination score.
(c) Is the mean or median a more useful representative of the final examination
scores? Write a brief paragraph justifying your response.

2 answers

  1. To find the mean add up all the numbers and then divide by how many numbers there are.

    Median: First place all your numbers in order from least to greatest. Since you have an odd amount of numbers you will take the two middle numbers add them together then divide by two

  2. Kara, if you have an odd amount of numbers, there will be a "middle" number

    adding up the two middle numbers and dividing by 2 is done when you have an even count of numbers.

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