How do you find the distance from the point to the line given the equation and the coordinates?

4x-2y-6=0 (1,1)

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  1. put the line in slope intercept form

    then,you know the slope of the perpendicular line is the negative reciprocal of m (new slope of perpendicular line=-1/m

    So for the perpendicular line...
    y=-1/m x + b
    put in the point 1,1
    1=-/m + b you know m, solve for b.

  2. there is a little formula for this question:
    for Ax + By + C = 0
    the distance from a point (p,q) to that line is
    │Ap + Bq + C│/√(a^2+b^2)

    so distance = │4-2-6│/√(16+4)
    = 4/√20
    = 4√20 /20
    = 4√5/5

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