Two bodies hang on a string 2.1m long. The two bodies have a mass of 3.75kg and 2.4kg respectively. If the 3.75kg mass is raised to a height of 0.545m and released, and if upon impact the mass adhere.

•Mass1 = 3.75 kg
•Mass2 = 2.4 kg
•String length = 2.1 m
•M1 raised = 0.545m

a) Find the velocity of the 3.75kg mass before impact.
b) Find the common velocity of the mass after impact.
c) Find the lost of kinetic energy on impact.
d) Find the height through which the center of gravity of the system will rise.
e) Find the tension on the string of the 3.75kg mass before impact.

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  1. Michel, luc, daniel, Henry, or whoever --

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  2. Tell your friends daniel, luc and michel that the subject is spelled physics, not physic.

    A "physic" is a laxative.

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