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  1. (1)
    25x^2 + 22xy - 3y

  2. I get (5x^-1)-3!

  3. I do not understand how you arrived @ this answer. Can you please explain. Thank you

  4. sure! :)

    remember that we can add/subtract exponents just like normal numbers.

    First put everything in the numerator and then add up all the exponents.



    now add: (5x^-1)-3

    y^=-1+1=0 or goes away

    Does this help?

  5. There is no division here? Is this all adding and subtracting?

  6. I thought there was division too. So what is the final answer?

  7. you can do it by division or add/subtract. I did it by add/substract because its easier.

    First you put all the terms in the numerator. Then you combine terms and add/substract exponents to get your answer.

    Follow the steps above and you will see the answer.

    Do you get it now?

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