1. I want to make an educational program. I will name it "Let's Learn English." With the help of two native speakers, the Japanese teacher can make a good textbook. Viewers can learn Japanese effectively on TV.

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2. How many hours a week do you
watch TV?

I watch TV around 3 hours a week.
I watch TV about 3 hours a week.
I seldom watch TV.
I never watch TV because I am very busy. I have to go to an academy.
I am called a couch potato, for I watch TV a lot.

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  1. 1. I thought I'd already checked this one a few days ago. Yes? No? It sounds basically OK except that I'd write "I want to produce a television program" or "I want to create ..."

    2. All are correct! Very nice! =)
    I would add these:
    ~~Mainly, I watch television programs I have recorded on my DVR. I watch very little live TV.
    ~~Sometimes I watch news and weather programs on TV, but that's about all.

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