when you plug in a=2-3/25b in the equation a-1.2b=-3, what are you supposed to get?

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  1. I got b=-.76, a=2.09 put it all back in and you get 3

  2. no, I mean what do you get when you do this: 2 - 0.12b - 1.2b = -3.

  3. so is that the equation?

  4. yes.

  5. If you want to know what b equals follow these steps:

    2-0.1b-1.2b=-3 (original)

    -0.1b-1.2b=-3-2 (rearrange things)

    1.3b=5 (add each side, negatives cancel out)

    5/1.3=b (solve for b)


  6. Is this the answer you were looking for?

  7. no, i got 5/132.

  8. what did u you do? I am confused....

  9. why is Angie always posting things????!!!

  10. you are right I misread your equation. It was suposed to be 0.12 not 0.1. In that case your answer of 5/1.32 is correct. (I am assuming you forgot the decimal in your last post.)

  11. I'm posting things cuz i suck at math.

    I did:

    b= -5/1 divided by 1 32/100
    b=-5/1 divided by -132/1
    b=5/1 * 1/132

  12. If you substitute 5/132 back into the original equation it doesn't work.

    You solved and ended up with


    so divide both sides by 1.32 and you get 5/1.32 or 3.79. subsitute it back it in to check your work and it should be correct.

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