in my school soon i`ll have kangaroo test which is going to be around the world and i am also particepating now i`ve downloaded last years paper and now thier was question that

Q.Jack likes to multiply by 3 rose like to add 2 and Lucy like to subtract what order should they perform thier favourite actions to convert 3 into 14?

and options are given:

(a)JRL (b)RJL (c) JLR (d)LJR

now which option is correct and why and how to solve it plz do tell its on 13th April


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  1. Convert the alternatives to their numbers, as in the example below:

    a. 3 * 3 + 2 -1 =?

    Do the required steps for each alternative to make your decision.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking

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