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Describe how you can find the relative desities o 4 different liquids.

You can let one float on the others, if they are not miscible. The less dense will be on top of the heavier dense.
See experiment 2 on this site:

I think this is a thought question designed to make you more aware of the procedures for determining the density of various materials. I don't want to simply give you the answer so please post what you think and someone will critique your answer. Hint: Think about using the weight lost when a material is weighed in air, then water. I hope this helps.

I got the answer my teacher explained it to me

157 cm = ---------- m
1.32 m = ---------- Km
92 Km = ---------- cm
28.2 m = ---------- mm
28'2 m = ---------- mm
0.554 m = ---------- Km

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