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When light of a certain wavelength is incident normally on a certain diffraction grating the line of order 1 is at a diffraction angle of 25 degrees. The diffraction angle of the second order line is :

a) 25
b) 42
c) 50
d) 58
e) 75

I am not sure how to do this problem since it does not have enough information to use the diffraction equations in the book. So, I do not know how to handle the problem.

Thank you

n lambda = d sin( theta )
Since the order n doubles from 1 to 2, so does the sine of the diffraction angle. Find the angle that has twice the sine of 25 degrees. It is not 50 degrees.

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1 answer
  1. d) 58

    you said find the angle that is double sin25 (not sin50)

    so 2 x sin 25 gets you .84523

    find what angle that is using inverse sin

    sin^-1 (.84523) = 57.697

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