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Change the following from the active into the passive

A crocodile is eating Henry –
A crocodile has eaten Henry –
A crocodile ate Henry –
A crocodile was eating Henry –
A crocodile had eaten Henry –
A crocodile will eat Henry –
A crocodile is going to eat Henry –
A crocodile will have eaten Henry –
They have buried Henry (note that the agent isn’t important)

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2 answers
  1. First of all, use these as models:
    Passive = The baseball was hit by John.
    Active = John hit the baseball.

    See the difference? They are saying the same thing, but with different word order and passive verbs.

    I'll do the first two for you:
    Henry is being eaten by the crocodile.
    Henry has been eaten by the crocodile.

    Now you try the rest, and then I'll check them over for you.

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  2. Make Henry the subject of the sentence. You do the first couple and repost, then I will make corrections if needed.

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