How would you calculate power given mass, joules and time?

do you need to incorporate mass into the equation?

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  1. Power is the rate at which energy is being used or generated. It is typically measured in watts (W), where 1 watt = 1 joule per second (J/s).

    To calculate power, you can use the formula:

    Power = Energy / Time

    Where Energy is measured in Joules (J) and Time is measured in seconds (s).

    So if you know the energy (joules) and time (seconds), you can calculate power by dividing the energy by time:

    Power = Joules / seconds

    In this formula, mass is not needed to be incorporated.

    You can also use another formula:

    Power = Work / Time

    Where Work is the force applied to an object to move it over a distance. Work is measured in Joules (J).

    Power = Work / Time = force x distance / time

    In this formula, mass is not needed to be incorporated as well.

    In short, Power can be calculated by dividing energy (measured in Joules) by time (measured in seconds) using the formula:
    Power = Energy / Time

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