A roller coaster begins at the top of a hill. If it accelerates at the rate of 2 m/s^2 and has a mass of 2000 kg, what net force is acting on it? (F=ma)

4000 N
0.001 N
1000 N

If you know the amount of the unbalanced force acting upon an object and the mass of the object, using Newton's 2nd Law what could you calculate about the object?


A runner accelerates toward the finish line.

Identify the action force in the example.

The wind pushing the runner's face.
The runner's feet pushing against the ground.
The runner pushing against the air.

What is the acceleration of an object with mass of 42.6 kg when an unbalanced force of 112 N is applied to it?

4771.2 m/s^2
0.3800 m/s^2
2.63 m/s^2

A 5.5 kg box is pushed across the lunch table. The acceleration of the box is 4.2 m/s2. What was the net force applied to the box?

1.3 N
9.7 N
23.1 N

please help

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  1. #1. Use the formula they gave you, ok?
    F = ma, so
    F = 2000kg * 2m/s^2 = 4000 kg-m/s^2 = 4000N

    what do you get on the others?

  2. ok the answers i got are:

    2. acceleration
    3. runners feet pushing against ground
    4. 2.63
    5. 23.1 N

    can u review these please?

  3. all your answers look good to me.

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