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Reading Informational Text Unit Test
Which nonfiction genre teaches the reader a process? (1 point)

2.Use the paragraph to answer the question.

The platypus is an Australian mammal that is not easily classified. It is one of only two mammals (the other being the echidna) that bears young by laying eggs. In some respects, the platypus resembles a duck; both have webbed feet and bills. The platypus has a tail like a beaver’s and a furry body similar to an otter’s. Its unusual hybrid of body parts makes it well-suited for its largely aquatic life. The platypus uses its webbed feet to paddle through water, and its tail serves as a kind of rudder for steering. While underwater, the platypus uses its bill to scoop up bits of food, such as insects and shellfish, from the water’s bottom. The platypus also scoops up bits of gravel, which grind up the food, as the platypus is toothless. The platypus stores the food and gravel in its cheeks until it reaches the water’s surface. Once the platypus surfaces, it consumes its meal.

Which sentence describes the main idea?

(1 point)

The platypus is a mammal with many characteristics that make it unique.
The platypus has features similar to an otter and a beaver.
The platypus uses an interesting method to consume its meals.
The platypus lives in Australia.

3.Use the paragraph to answer the question.

It happens way too often: oil leaking from wells beneath the ocean or tankers spilling their cargo into the waves. One disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, called the Tyler spill, has been leaking hundreds of barrels of oil per day into the ocean for the past 14 years. While safety has not been made a priority, something can be done to clean up oil spills that does not involve pouring chemical cleanup agents into the already polluted waters. The question is, when will the oil industry embrace this effective, safe method?

Which sentence best summarizes the text?

(1 point)
The oil industry needs to work more efficiently.
There is a smart solution to the ongoing problem of oil spills the industry should use.
There is no reason that oil spills occur as often as they do.
The oil industry should focus on the fastest way to clean up oil spills.

4.Use the sentences to answer the question.

Many people believe a European named Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. However, Gutenberg’s press was actually building on inventions that appeared centuries earlier in China.

What is the connection between the ideas in these sentences?

(1 point)

cause and effect
problem and solution

5.Use the sentences to answer the question.

A Buddhist book called The Diamond Sutra, printed around 868 C.E., is the oldest known printed book. It was printed using page-sized panels of wood blocks. These blocks were carved by hand with Chinese characters shown in reverse.

Which word or phrase describes the relationship between the ideas in the sentences?

(1 point)

problem and solution
cause and effect

6.Use the paragraph to answer the question.

All around the world, millions of people watch hundreds of new movies each year. Most people are aware that these movies have actors and actresses, directors, stunt doubles, and camera operators. But have you ever wondered how the crack of a bat in a baseball scene sounds so authentic even though the camera must be dozens of feet away?

Which word means the same as authentic as it is used in the paragraph?

(1 point)


7.Use the paragraph to answer the question.

You may not think earthquakes and volcanoes can go together, but they are unlikely friends, creating sensations under the earth’s surface. Most earthquakes occur because of the movement of tectonic plates previously described. Sometimes earthquakes happen below a volcano. This happens because magma, which is hot molten rock beneath the earth’s surface, pushes on rock until it breaks the rock and seeps into it. Then, the magma builds more pressure until it leaks more magma into the crack. Little earthquakes happen each time the rock breaks and lets in more magma. These little earthquakes are too small to feel. They are called harmonic tremors, perhaps because of their constant release of energy, like one long song played underground.

What does the analogy "they are called harmonic tremors, perhaps because of their constant release of energy, like one long song played underground" from the paragraph mean?

(1 point)

Much like background music, little earthquakes tremor underground without much notice.
The tremors from small earthquakes follow unpredictable patterns, unlike musical meter.
When little earthquakes occur, they make sounds similar to music.
The same amount of energy is released by music and small earthquakes.

Why would a student include an allusion to Albert Einstein, an accomplished scientist with a famously bad memory, in a paper about how people learn? (1 point)

to show how remembering something is not as important as understanding it.
to show how famous people are remembered
to show that memorization is important to everyone
to show that memorization is important when learning something new

9.Use the sentences to answer the question.

"Mary is such a quiet child," said Aunt Lydia. "It makes me wonder what will become of her."

Which word would give the sentence a negative tone if it replaced the word quiet?

(1 point)


10.Use the paragraph to answer the question.

The crowd gathered around a chain-link fence and waited for the show to begin. The artist approached the large tree stump and powered up his chainsaw with a loud roar. Everyone was startled even though they knew the sound was coming. Swinging the saw in rhythmic motions and lunging forward to make quick stabs at the wood, the artist began to create an image. The people in the crowd turned their heads and squinted their eyes, trying to make out what shape the sculpture would take. Time passed quickly and the buzz of the saw dominated the scene for most of the afternoon. Then, just as the evening light softened the forest, the artist set down his saw and touched the face of the giant grizzly bear with his bare hand.

Which piece of evidence from the paragraph supports the inference that the artist is inspired by nature?

(1 point)

His work requires physical strength.
He performs in front of a crowd.
He carves animals out of wood.
He likes to be hands-on with his work.

What is the most likely purpose for writing an explanatory article in third-person point of view that includes many facts and details about a topic? (1 point)

to persuade
to express an opinion
to entertain the reader
to inform
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