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Select the answer that best traces how the Minoan and Etruscan civilizations led to the foundation of later classical civilizations in those areas?

The Minoans and Etruscans destroyed their cities in order to force the Greeks and Romans to build entirely new cities.
The Minoans and Etruscans conquered wide tracts of territory and later turned those areas over to the Greeks and Romans.
The Minoans and Etruscans worked deliberately with Greeks and Romans to pass down their knowledge and help them establish similar cities of their own.
The Minoans and Etruscans established and revitalized cities and set in place certain cultural characteristics that classical civilizations would later adopt.

Which of the following best shows how river valley civilizations built upon existing Neolithic technology?
River valley civilizations continued to use Neolithic technology and made a few improvements largely unrelated to agriculture..
River valley civilizations made discoveries with tools and metallurgy that previous civilizations were unable to produce.
River valley civilizations built upon the early wheel, plow, and bronze weaponry that were used to a limited extent in the Neolithic period.

Which of the following is true of river valley civilizations’ use of metallurgy?
River valley civilizations used gold and copper for decoration and bronze for weapons..
River valley civilizations used both bronze and gold for weapons and jewelry.
River valley civilizations only used metals directly from the earth and did not process them in any way.
River valley civilizations mixed copper and gold to make tin for decorations, jewelry, and weapons.

Egyptians altered their environment by developing basin irrigation to deliver water to their crops. How does this compare with the way Mesopotamians altered their environment?
The Mesopotamians funneled monsoon rains to their crops.
The Mesopotamians used a system of dams.
The Mesopotamians used a series of crisscrossing channels.
The Mesopotamians also used basin irrigation.

Which of the following correctly identifies civilizations with their classification?
Greece and Rome are classical civilizations.
Mesopotamia and Greece are river valley civilizations.
West Africa and China are classical civilizations.
Egypt and Indus are classical civilizations.

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