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Which of the following best describes the theme “Development and Interactions of Societies”?

Societies learn to interact with the environment.
Humans group together to form societies and norms.
Societies are constantly in conflict..
Societies create new economic ideas.

Which of the following is an example of the theme “Ideas, Expansion, and Transformation”?

World War I and World War II
Muslim women wearing a head scarf
development and expansion of communism
humans building dams

Explain how the Bel Monte Dam provides a deeper understanding of human-environment interaction.

The construction of the dam requires human transformation of the land, but it also displaces local people, animals, and plants.
The construction of the dam transforms the social life of Indigenous people.
Protest against dam construction successfully stopped the harmful effects of the project.
The construction of the dam brings modern technology to the people in the region.

Explain how the Vietnam War and the struggle for women’s rights both provide a deeper understanding of history.

They both show that compromise prevents human struggles.
They both were conflicts that ended peacefully.
They both show that with determination, anything is possible.
They both were part of global movements that affected many around the world.

What was the relationship between the Inca and Spain in history?

The Inca learned to farm from the Spanish.
The Spanish helped build Machu Picchu.
The Inca gave Machu Picchu to the Spanish.
The Spanish invaded the Inca Empire looking for gold and riches.

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