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1)For century scientist found evidence that supports the theory of spontaneous generation. Which of the following supported this theory?

a) maggots appearing on rotten meat

2) which piece of empirical evidence is qualitative data?
a) The soup taste salty.

3) how did new evidence found by Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezen add onto Continental drift and create the theory of plate tectonics?
a) they showed what the oceans floors looked like helped explain how continents move over time.

4) which word best describes the statement that mass is neither maid nor destroyed by chemical reactions or physical changes?
a) law

5) which part of newtons second law of motion explains why it is easier to push an empty cart than full one?
a) A greater force is needed to move an object with a greater mass.

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1 answer

  1. well I guess but
    A greater force is needed to ACCELERATE an object with a greater mass.

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