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Question 1

A) What happens when new evidence is found that contradicts part of a theory?(1 point)

The theory is discarded for a new one.

New pieces are added to the original ideas.

It gets ignored to maintain the original idea.

Science reevaluates the validity of the theory.

Question 2
A) How does a hypothesis differ from a scientific theory?(1 point)

Hypotheses can change with new evidence, but theories remain constant.

Theories always lead to the development of new scientific ideas.

Hypotheses are testable, while theories only exist conditionally.

Theories are well established with lots of evidence to support their claims.

Question 3
A) How is a hypothesis similar to theory?(1 point)

Both a hypothesis and a theory need evidence to support them.

Both a hypothesis and a theory are accepted as true statements.

Both a hypothesis and a theory are statements supported by data.

Both a hypothesis and a theory explain why things happen.

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1 answer

  1. 1 science reevaluates 2 theories are well 3 both need evidence to support them

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