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1.Choose the method a historian would use when thinking about the unique beliefs and viewpoints of an author and how they could influence their source.

a.frame of reference
b.diverse perspectives
c.point of view
d.historical context

2.Explain the method a historian would use when they are thinking about an author’s feelings or action that favors one thing over another.

b.point of view
c.frame of reference
d.historical context

3.Why is it important to use primary sources when conducting historical research for analysis?

a.Primary sources give firsthand accounts of events, which can provide important details to a researcher.
b.Primary sources are the only way to learn anything about the past.
c.Primary sources are created out of many different sources and thus provide the best information for researchers.
d.Primary sources make connections between different types of information, which can help researchers.

4.Which answer choice best explains how historians use their analysis of sources to create a question for further inquiry?

a.Historians consider voices and points of view that are missing from the narratives of history in current sources..
b.Historians must form their own bias when conducting research in order to form new questions..
c.Historians consult one or two sources in order to develop a research question.
d.Historians research questions that have already been answered.

5.Which statement best summarizes the importance of considering multiple perspectives in the study of history?

a.Multiple perspectives ensure a more complete view of an event or topic.
b.A singular perspective is OK as people experience events in different ways.
c.Some views of an event or topic are more important than others.
d.It is harder to communicate clearly about a topic when multiple perspectives are included.

please help me i need to get a 100. =-=

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