what are three main goals sought by policymakers in the economy?

please help me one of my posts has a question I need checked and the other I don't know. I don't know what you guys are thinking.I really need help im not some kid on here scrapping for answers I posted my thoughts on a question but I still get no response? Whats up with that?

Our economics expert is not available. The rest of us are not economics experts.

If I was an economic policy maker, these would be some of my goals:

1. ensure a fair market in which consumers can purchase goods/services at fair prices

2. encourage fair competition that promotes new businesses and enhanced productivity

3. maintain good relations with other countries for the purpose of buying/selling imports/exports

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I personally tend to NOT answer open ended questions like the ones you just posted. Open ended or opinion question usually have no right answer.

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  1. Assume the following equations are the market for Jeep Grand Cherokees, then pick the equilibrium level of price and quantity: Q= 80,000 - 2P and Q = 0 + 1.2P

    A) Price = $ 25,000 and Quantity = 30,000
    B) Price = $ 20,000 and Quantity = 24,000
    C) Price = $ 30,000 and Quantity = 36,000
    D) Price = $ 28,000 and Quantity = 33,600
    E) Price = $ 40,000 and Quantity = 48,000

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