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You can copy my answer for biodiversity unit test unit 4 lesson 13 essay question

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  1. Plants, bison, elk, and wolves are all members of an ecosystem. The bison and elk are both primary consumers in this ecosystem, while the wolves are a predator. Over time, the bison completely disappear. Give an example of how the ecosystem may respond to this change, and explain how this relates to both resiliency and biodiversity.

    My answer: The bison dying out in this ecosystem will effect other organisms in the ecosystem. For the wolves there will be less food sources which will lead to starvation and overtime they will also die. Unlike for the elk it starts good and ends bad, with the bison now gone they will have more food and space to live but with the wolves dying the elk will overpopulate and run out of food due to their numbers. Though for the plants I don’t see any bad ending because of the primary consumers dying the plants will be able to grow without a stop but over a long time they might runout of nutrients from the soil.

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