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(05.05 MC)

The graph shows the depth, y, in meters, of a shark from the surface of an ocean for a certain amount of time, x, in minutes:

A graph titled Distance Vs. Time is shown. The x axis is labeled Time in minutes and shows numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The y axis is labeled Distance from Ocean Surface in meters. A straight line joins the points C at ordered pair 0,60, B at ordered pair 1, 100, A at ordered pair 2, 140, and the ordered pair 3, 180.
Part A: Describe how you can use similar triangles to explain why the slope of the graph between points A and B is the same as the slope of the graph between points A and C. (4 points)
Part B: What are the initial value and slope of the graph and what do they represent? (6 points)

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