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Which statement best explains why the process of genetic engineering is important to the scientific community?

Genetic engineering provides crops that are less expensive to grow.
Genetic engineering is a research tool that can advance the usefulness of recombinant DNA.
Genetic engineering provides an increased cost to laboratory work resulting in more advances.
Genetic engineering can enhance the taste of food for consumers

The pedigree chart below shows the inheritance of a trait in a family of cats.


Which pair of individuals represents a mating that will result in inbreeding?(sorry you cant see the picture)
individuals 1 and 6
individuals 3 and 4
individuals 3 and 6
individuals 6 and 14

Why might scientists be interested in making transgenic organisms?
Transgenic organisms glow in the dark and provide a light source in dark places.
Transgenic organisms can produce a desired product that may benefit other organisms.
Transgenic organisms can be used to cut strands of DNA molecules into fragments.
Transgenic organisms can be used as a medium to transfer foreign DNA into a host cell.

Which DNA fingerprinting technique examines the length variation of DNA repeat sequences in human DNA?
variable tandem repeats analysis
polymerase chain reaction analysis
Y chromosome analysis
mitochondrial DNA analysis

Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder that may be caused by mutations in several genes that code for the production of alpha-synuclein. Individuals who have Parkinson’s disease exhibit symptoms such as uncontrollable tremors, difficulty walking, and loss of coordination. How might geneticists determine where the mutations that cause Parkinson’s disease are located?
PCR analysis
gene mapping
DNA fingerprinting
STR analysis

Which trait is determined by both genetics and the environment?
eye color
athletic ability
blood type
a scar

Scientists have recently modified the bacteria that cause tooth decay by inserting a fragment of DNA into the bacteria's DNA that prevents it from producing lactic acid. What is this process called?
genetic engineering
biological vector
mechanical vector

Which most directly describes a benefit of using DNA technology in medicine?
Medicine can be produced in mass quantities.
Medicine can be distributed at a reduced cost.
Medicines have fewer side effects.
Medicines are resistant to antibiotics.

Breeders can use a Punnett square to predict the outcome of a genetic cross. If the genotype of both parents was Aa, what would be expected of the genotypes among their possible offspring?
Half would have the genotype AA.
Half would have the genotype Aa.
Three-quarters would have the genotype aa.
Three-quarters would have the genotype Aa.

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