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unit 4 nationalism and the spread of democracy unit test answers please need asap!!!!!

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  4. Why did liberals support a free-market economy?
    C) They saw it as an opportunity for capitalist entrepreneurs to succeed.

    What were liberals and nationalists fighting for in the Revolutions of 1848?
    A) Liberals were fighting for written constitutions and separation of powers.
    C) Nationalists fought to give people sharing a common history and culture their own nation.
    E) Liberals wanted free enterprise and a republican form of government.

    Which of the following were results of the Revolutions of 1848?
    B) The acceptance of the divine right rule of kings was diminished.
    C) Citizens increased their confidence in being able to change their government.

    What ideas and events inspired and energized Simon Bolivar?
    A) Napoleon's invasion of Spain energized Bolivar to act by convincing him of Spain's apparent weakness.
    D) The French Revolution instilled a passion in Bolivar for Enlightenment ideas of equality and liberty.

    In what ways did Cavour and Garibaldi suppress their political values to ensure unification of Italy?
    B) The Monarchist Cavour provided weapons and transportation for the troops of the Republican Garibaldi.
    C) Rather than set up his own republic, the Republican Garibaldi turned Sicily and Naples over to Emmanuel, who became king.

    How were the political views and unification strategies of Cavour and Bismarck different?
    D) Unlike Bismarck, Cavour secured French support before provoking conflict with Austria as a unification strategy.

    Which of these examples illustrates Otto von Bismarck's use of Realpolitik?
    B) Bismarck used deception to provoke war with Austria and annex norther German states.
    D) Bismarck used deceit to provoke France into war to unite Prussian states.

    Why did Germany achieve greater industrialization after unification than Italy after it unified?
    C) Germany had greater natural resources critical to industrialization, such as iron and coal.

    Which of the following best describes the reign of Queen Victoria?
    B) She embraced a strict code a morals and manners that came to embody the values of the time period.

    Which of the following British policies forced mass migrations from Ireland?
    D) treatment during the "Great Hunger," or Irish potato famine

    Which answer best describes how the Second Empire became the Third Republic?
    A) Napoleon III was captured, and Republicans declared an end to the Second Empire.

    In which was was the issue of women's suffrage tied to industrialization?
    C) Women were experiencing the same injustices as men, but with no political recourse.

    Which of the following was the effect of rotten boroughs on the democratic process in England?
    D) Because their population declines so much, there were few or no voters.

    How did the movement to abolish slavery contribute to the subsequent movement to expand women's rights?
    A) Prohibited from publicly speaking at abolition events, female proponents of abolition formed the first convention for women's rights.
    C) Passage of the 15th Amendment contributed to demands by female abolition activists for female suffrage.

    What Russian reform resulted from the Crimean War, and how did it impact its intended beneficiaries?
    C) After losing the Crimean War, Tsar Alexander II freed the serfs, many of whom were too poor to buy land as ordered by the tsar.

    Which answered best describes how the concept of liberty influenced Eastern Europe in the late nineteenth century?
    A) It sparked nationalist and revolutionary movements.

    Tsar Alexander II declared that it is "better to abolish serfdom from above than wait until it will be abolished by a movement from below." Which statement below best explains his words?
    D) If he did not abolish serfdom, then the serfs would ruse up against the government.

    How does a policy such as "Russification" lead to increased nationalism?
    C) It prompts people to right for their own cultural and national identity.

    Which of the following describes some impacts of social reform in the early 1900s?
    A) The workday was shortened, and child labor was banned.

    Which is an accurate summary of the goals of the women's rights movement?
    C) equality before the law, rights in the workplace, and access to education

    How were Manifest Destiny and nationalism related?
    C) Manifest Destiny was a philosophical and political extension of nationalism.

    Which answer best describes one way that territorial gains affected the United States?
    A) They promoted economic growth.

    Which actions taken by the French government in the early 1900s contributed to the success of reform efforts to separate church and state?
    C) the establishment of free public elementary school system throughout the country

    In what ways were Cavour and Garibaldi instrumental in securing Italian unification?
    B) Cavour was able to strengthen alliances critical to northern Italian unification while Garibaldi unified the people of the south.
    C) As an inspirational leaders and effective military strategist, Garibaldi and Cavour fought in key battles.

    How did the landowning nobles affect the Russian industrialization process and reforms?
    A) They resisted any reforms and slowed the industrialization process.

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